VoIP Yonder

Powerful, low cost, easy to use, Pay as You Go SIP Trunking and Numbering Solutions

Switch today and save upto 90% compared to other VoIP Providers

Simple and same day account setup - Instant SIP Trunk, VoIP and Number Provisioning

Rental Free & PAYG:
SIP Trunk and SIP Lines

  • Same High-Quality Aloha Voice network used by other operators and enterprises
  • Create Multiple SIP Trunks / VoIP Lines (ideal for multiple offices or staff)
  • Optional Encryption using SRTP and TLS (Improve Security Compliance)
  • UDP, TCP or TLS transport option
  • Unbeatable low rates
  • Works with 100's of software and hardware vendors
  • No need to port. Send your own phone number and CLI*
  • Start on 10 channels (fully scalable)
  • No fixed term contracts
  • From 0.4p/min Landline
  • 1.25p/min Mobile
  • Every SIP Connection comes with a free 03 number

Fix Your Spend:
Subscription Add-ons

Flexible options with bulk minutes and numbers to share across all of your connections (SIP Trunks, VoIP Lines, Call Diverts etc).

Add-ons will auto renew (pending available credit) and can be ordered and activated immediately in your panel.

  • 2,000 Minutes (landline and mobile)
  • 3 included Numbers (Geographic or 03/0800)
  • You can have multiple subscriptions when minutes and numbers allowance are added together (Great for high volume users)
  • Optional pay via Direct Debit (12 month minimum term)
  • Only £6.99 per month

Local Numbers
(DIDs / DDIs)

Numbers from all United Kingdom ranges including 03 and freephone 0800 instantly online. Numbers can be used for your VoIP Connections, plus simple forwarding to any landline or mobile of your choice. Number porting also available (additional fees apply).

  • Your first 03 and 0800 numbers are free (requires initial £10 top-up)
  • Redirect to any landline or mobile in the world
  • Use as a Fax2Email number if you choose
  • Freephone calls cost from only 0.9p/min to SIP/VoIP & 1.3p/min to Landline


Included Features

All accounts are managed online within your control panel which offers a wide range of features.

All accounts are pre-paid via Bank Transfer (automatically applied to your account) and Credit/Debit card (limited to £10/month for initial testing and emergency top-up or low spend users).

Features available include:

  • Call Flow control (i.e. redirect to voicemail or another number on fail, busy or no answer)
  • Fax2Email
  • Live Call World Map (See your calls in real-time)
  • Full Call Records (i.e. ideal for reselling if you need to identify which call came from which customer and IP)
  • Fraud Management Tools to set a max per day spend and per minute amount
*You must own the phone number you wish to send. If you need a single number, we will require proof of number ownership (latest bill) and we can force the number on your behalf. If you need full CLI control a signed CLI agreement is required.
All Pricing excludes VAT.


How VoIP Yonder can help your Business

VoIP Yonder is a service for SME's by Aloha Telecommunications, a next generation UK Telecommunication Operator.

VoIP Yonder providers powerful, simple to use, but fully customisable VoIP and SIP solutions which are fully managed online by the customer.

As the customer is responsible for their setup, configuration and troubleshooting, VoIP Yonder is able to deliver significant cost reductions by providing smaller businesses with significantly better rates and terms (i.e. no long-term contracts or complex packages).

Although we offer support on any genuine service issues, connecting customers will need to have some VoIP knowledge. Our services use industry standards and there are many resources online to assist you to with learning about VoIP and SIP as needed.

In the coming years, all United Kingdom businesses will need to move to an IP solution. If you know VoIP or are willing to learn, we are able to offer significant savings.

Did you know? Many businesses who initially open an account only use us as a backup provider if they are sceptical about quality, reliability and service uptime due to the low price. After a short time, customers switch to us as primary supplier as the quality is improved from other provides (i.e. clearer voice, faster call setup times etc.) with considerable savings. Open an account today and see for yourself how much we can save you.

High Spender? If you are likely to spend more than £250 per month on our normal call rates. Contact us to receive customised rates according to your call volumes.

Phone System Integrator? If you integrate phone systems for businesses and your customer signs up for VoIP Yonder, we may be able to offer you a rebate on customer spend (subject to requirements). Get in contact to find out more.


Switch to VoIP Yonder and Save

Due to the wide range of service usage, some common examples are listed below to show 2 different use cases and service cost models.

VoIP Lines for a 3 Employee Business

Business requires a freephone number (the main business number) plus a geographic number for each employee.

The business uses a wireless IP Phone (base stations and 3 dect phones) supporting SIP with multiple SIP accounts.

The business sets up 4 SIP Lines on their account. They also order the free 0800 number directed to SIP line 1 (setup on the IP Phone base station to ring all handsets).

The business orders 3 geographic numbers (1 for each employee). These SIP Lines 2,3,4 are setup on the IP Phone base station for each employee (i.e. each employee has own SIP line).

Cost: Approximately £10/month (Customer is light outbound user and takes 1 x 2000 landline and mobile minute add-on (£6.99/mnth) including 3 geographic numbers for free. Freephone number is free and only pays to receive calls on the 0800 number.

SIP Trunk for a 25 Employee Business

Business has 25 employees with their own numbers from another provider and do not wish to port them over at this time. They have their own office PBX and require a SIP trunk. Business makes approximately 50,000 minutes of calls per month (2,500 minutes per day).

The business will need to sign a CLI agreement and meet correct standards to be able to send their own phone numbers. They need to provision 1 SIP trunk in their control panel.

Cost: Approximately £200/month (25 x 2,000 landline and mobile minute add-on (£6.99 x 25 = £174.75) plus a little extra for calls to non-geographic and international numbers)

If you have a query about our service or how to migrate from your current setup to us (it’s easier than you think) then open a support ticket.