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SIP Lines and VoIP Trunks with a difference


We offer a simple Pay as You Go SIP Trunk (with optional add-on subscriptions to save even more). Trunks can either be based on username/password based (for a single desk/softphone) or IP Authentication (i.e. for a PBX etc). We can also support PBXs as a username/password option, but recommend you using IP Authentication if you can.

  • Instant Setup (Activated same day within office hours on receipt address/ID)
  • From 0.4p/min Landline
  • 1.25p/min Mobile
  • Your first 03 & 0800 number is free!
  • Fantastically Competitive Rates and Quality
  • Unlimited Channels (We start you with 10, please request more if needed)
  • SIP Based
  • Support T38 Fax
  • Voicemail 2 Email (if setup as a line, rather than trunk)
  • Fax2Email
  • Works with any SIP phone or SIP PBX
  • Encryption using SRTP
  • Redirect your phone number to another or voicemail if unavailable/VoIP Connection is lost for failover
  • Send your own Caller ID (if you own the number and sign a CLI Agreement)
  • Prepay via Bank Transfer (Automated Top-ups)
  • Prepay via Credit or Debit Card (only to be used for emergency top-ups or low spend users)
  • One billing account can have multiple trunks (ideal for reselling)
  • View Calls Online in Real Time with Stats

Services are for United Kingdom customers ONLY.

Get Connected
All Accounts allow the following:
  • Multiple Connections (interconnects)
  • Fax2Email
  • Routing options for your inbound numbers (i.e. on no answer, busy, failed e.g. site failure)
  • View CDRs with full info (i.e. which IP originated the call, which connection to assist in reselling)



Information on our Services

Before contacting us, please read the information below. Since the start of our service provision, we've received many questions on a broad range of subjects. Responses to typical queries and requests are listed below to help you.

Different Routing Options

Sending calls is like calling from a physical landline

Dialling UK Numbers

Dial simply in national format. I.e. dial 0123456789 for the number 0123456789 or 0791234567 etc

Dialling International Numbers

Dial with 00 + Country Code + Local number. For example, for the number 912345678 in Spain, Dial 0034912345678


Customer Requirements

This service is for UK customers only. Customers outside this region will not be applicable for an account.

You must have some basic knowledge of SIP and VOIP to use our service. We are unable to provide in-depth technical support.

You must only use our service in the UK. Connecting from outside the UK may not work.


Technical Requirements

For successful high quality calls and reduction of issues, we recommend the following requirements
  • Must have 100kb/sec upload/download for each concurrent calls
  • Must support SIP to ITU standards (Asterisk, Freeswitch, Cisco, Linksys, Grandstream Dialogic etc. and most phones and software do.)
  • Send calls in local or international format (local format. i.e. 0123456789 / International Format: 0044123456789)
  • Send CLI in +E164 Format (international format. i.e. +44123456789)
  • Support G711 A/U law

Account Defaults


When an account is created, it is created in default format. We offer lots of other features, however you must request that we enable/activate these. When an account is created, it will be created with the following defaults which are designed to work with the broadest range of devices with as little as possible configuration from the customers end.

  • Registration based VoIP Line/Trunk (i.e. we provide you a SIP username/password)
  • Calls are routed of UDP (Signalling 5060, RTP 10,000 > 20,000) (Standard SIP protocol)
  • T38 Fax is Enabled
  • SRTP (with TLS) is disabled
  • Voicemail is Enabled

Discount on Volumes


Historically, VoIP Yonder has spent too much time customising rates for forecast volumes that were not fulfilled by customers. Therefore we have changed our approach.

VoIP Yonder offers a scheme for customers to top-up £250 GBP or more and spend this within a calendar month, then 10% extra credit is provided at each subsequent top-up when this condition has been met.

This must be requested at each top-up for us to clarify you've met the conditions and for us to apply the extra credit.

If a customers spend is substantially more than this, then custom destination rates maybe applied.


Prohibited Calls


Aloha/VoIP Yonder operates purely in the premium, high quality end of the market and will avoid any clients that degrade our network for our other clients. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality service/network . Also we have regulatory commitments to adhere to. If your traffic meets one of the following conditions below we will be unable to assist you:

  • Automated/Predictive Diallers
  • Low ASR/ACD (i.e. a minimum of 50%/50 seconds respectively is required) - including data cleansing and short call durations
  • Marketing Calls
  • AIT Calls (Artificially Inflated Traffic)
  • Nuisance Calls
  • Spam, Spoofing or anything else which can cause harm or be deemed illegal or not making good use of a communications network




Support for trunking is limited. We will provide destination support in the rare case there are quality issues. However we expect all customers to be able to have the technical understanding and know how to handle their setup with their trunk. We offer a comprehensive knowledge base to getting started.




It is the clients responsibility to make sure their SIP details are safe. If they feel SIP details have been compromised or do not recognise calls in their account, they must inform us immediately. You can reset your SIP password online. We recommend customers use a firewall and IP Authentication only connections. To help reduce fraud and loss, all new accounts are setup with a max call rate and daily call spend which can be viewed in your control panel. These can be changed or remove on request by opening a support ticket. In addition, trunks can be restricted to UK calls only (default) or include international calls.



To increase security, we recommend you connect your equipment using TLS transport and SRTP encryption to encrypt both the signalling and media between us and you. When selecting SRTP, it will only work if the transport TLS is also enabled.