Migrating Over

There are many ways to migrate your voice service to us. This depends on your setup.

To use our service, you will need a data connection of some kind. This can be a broadband connection, leased line or mobile data connection.

If you have phone numbers from other providers, we may be able to port them over. Please contact us regarding porting numbers over. In addition if you have a regular landline and broadband service, porting your numbers over may cease the line and any broadband service associated to it, so this will need to be checked.

Depending on your equipment and setup, depends on how you can migrate your service over. Some customers use our services in tandem with other providers and others conduct a complete migration over.

Examples of how you can switch:

VoIP Line Migration

  • Most VoIP Phones allow multiple SIP accounts from different providers. Therefore, create a VoIP Line in your account with us and simply add us as a new account and set us up to be your main provider for outbound calls on your VoIP Phone
  • If you require us to force a caller ID for a number you own, we can do this for you
  • Choose your own number
  • Port over numbers (can take a few weeks depending on complexity)

  • It can take less than 2 minutes to setup a VoIP Line with us and add it to your VoIP Phone

SIP Trunk Migration

  • Almost all PBXs and other SIP Equipment allow multiple SIP Trunks. Therefore, create a new SIP Trunk online (IP Authentication or Username/Password based), add us as a SIP Trunk in your equipment and update your outbound routing plan.
  • Many customers route outbound calls first prior to porting or only using us for outbound to enable them to diversify their providers (i.e we are their main outbound provider, while their original provider (also number provider) is their backup outbound provider)
  • We can enable Caller ID (CLI) Flexibility to enable to you send your own Caller IDs or force through a CLI
  • Accounts start on 10 concurrent calls. Can increase this as required (free)
  • Port over numbers (can take a few weeks depending on complexity)

  • It can take less than 5 minutes to setup a SIP Trunk with us and add it to your SIP Equipment

Switching is easy. Contact us on 03303 500 100 for more information on how you could switch your services over and start saving upto 90%

If you have a query about our service or how to migrate from your current setup to us (it’s easier than you think) then open a support ticket.