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At our pricing point, technical support on user configuration and setup is Extremely Limited. VoIP Yonder is designed with the responsibility of trouble shooting/sorting issues/learning being in the customers domain.

Obviously though, if you are confident the issue does not lie within your domain, please contact us.

When contacting us, please provide as many details as possible such as time and date, your sending CLI, your destination number etc, as well as several examples (we will only investigate route issues if we have 2 separate numbers and more than 2 examples). We also need your switch ID (from the control panel) to be able to locate your account.

Open up a Support Ticket

FreePBX Setup and Configuration Example

To setup with FREEPBX, simply copy the below config into the trunking page. Make sure you add any inbound numbers in E164 format. (i.e 443303..... or 44800.... not 03303 or 0800). You can add numbers in the 'Inbound Routes' section of FreePBX. To connect, please put the below configs into the 'Trunks' Page

Trunk Name: VY



USER Details:

Register String:

CLI Options

These are:

  • Current number displayed - Do Not Change
  • Choose the network number
  • Choose a number that you own in your account
  • Withhold you CLI
  • CLI flexibility based on numbers associated to THAT connection
  • Complete CLI Flexibility

Current number displayed - Do Not Change will not change any CLI that is currently displaying. This can be handy where we have forced a CLI on your behalf

Network number and a number you own in your account allow you to force the CLI to be that of the number selected.

Withhold your CLI will hide your CLI to the end user, however certain organisations will still see your network number. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness for non UK calls.

CLI flexibility based on numbers associated to your connection allow you send send any CLI (number) which is physically connected to that connection in your account. NOT overall what numbers you have in your account. You must assign that number to that connection to be able to show it. If the Caller ID sent is not valid, then any number associated to that connection will be assigned to the call (i.e. shown).

Complete CLI Flexibility allows you to have complete control over your Caller ID. We need to manually enable this option and there are strict conditions that you must meet to use such feature.

When sending a call to us for any CLI flexibility option, you must send the call in E164 format ONLY. No text or any other character should be included (i.e no +). An example for the UK number 0123456789 should be sent to us as 44123456789

How to send my own Caller ID

To have complete control over your own CLI that you send us, there are strict standards that must be met. Most customers do not actually need this option and an alternative is much simpler.

If you have only a few Caller IDs that you want to send, then simply create a connection for each Caller ID you want to send. Contact us with the Connection ID of each connection you want to display a custom CLI and tell us what the CLI should be. You need to inform us what the connection between you and that number is.

When making any further changes to that connection, make sure you do not touch the CLI option, otherwise we will need to apply it again.

ZoIPer configuration or other softphone/deskphone

To connect ZoIPer softphone (mobile or desktop) the following needs to be filled it:

name - VoIP Yonder

username - username for the SIP username/password connection

password - password for the SIP username/password connection

domain -

Auth Username - username for the SIP username/password connection

Use Proxy = yes

Outbound Proxy-

These settings also apply to various other softphones and desk phones available.

Cannot Receive Calls

If you have setup your connection and you can make outbound calls perfectly fine, but cannot receive inbound calls and can see the call attempt in your control panel, then there is a likely hood you have a configuration issue with your connection.

The most common issue here is that you use Trunk mode instead of SIP Line in your SIP username/password connection. Try and switch between these settings as depending on your setup and equipment may work with different options selected (i.e having trunk mode selected has been known to work).

Cannot make international calls

When a connection is created, for your security UK calls are only enabled. To allow calls to UK and International, edit your SIP connection by changing the 'Connection Blocking/Limiting' parameter to 'Unrestricted'.

Remember, when calling international, your call should be formatted as 00+country code+number (i.e for France local number 123456789, it would be 0033123456789).

Codecs allowed

VoIP Yonder only uses industry used codecs which our upstream providers fully support which is G711 A/U law. Therefore these are the only codecs we support.

View daily and monthly call records

You can download your call history online. Call records for the previous day can be downloaded online in CSV format. Call records for the previous month are usually available from the 3rd of each month.

The records will only show the first 50,000 calls. Should you have more than these, please contact us and we can provide an individual date range containing all your calls. Although certain details such as connection IP, trunk name etc. may not be available. You must request this within 60 days of start of the date period you require.

VoIP Yonder compatible PBXs

VoIP Yonder uses the industry standard SIP Protocol. This means any PBX that works with SIP will most likely work with VoIP Yonder. Below is a known selection of PBXs and Handset producers known to work with VoIP Yonder.

  • 3CX
  • Alcatel
  • Asterisk
  • Avaya (including IP Office)
  • Bicom
  • Cisco (including Call Manager)
  • Fanvil
  • FreePBX
  • Freeswitch
  • Gigaset
  • Grandstream
  • Linksys
  • Mitel
  • Nortel
  • Sangoma
  • Yealink

Cannot call out (Was working before)

We occasionally have reports from customers who claim that our service has stopped working and they cannot call out/in all of a sudden. Most of the time (9 in 10 times) it is because the customer has changed a configuration their end. Other times it can be due to our security measures.

We always recommend that if you are using our service in a trunking capacity (i.e you are connecting our service to a PBX) then you use IP Authentication (pending you setup your equipment your end correctly and secure it against outside access). Where you are connecting to us using a SIP Username/Password option and you register incorrectly too many times, then your IP may be temporarily blocked.

This will be apparent if you send us a SIP message and you receive no SIP response. In this scenario, you must make sure that every device connecting to our service has the correct credentials. (make sure there are no spaces before or at the end of usernames/passwords if you copy and paste). After an hour you should be unblocked. If after this period you still cannot receive any SIP messages from our service (after sending us a call attempt), please contact us as your IP may be permanently blocked and will need manual unblocking. This can ONLY be done via ticket and not over the phone. Please goto Google and type in "What is my IP Address". This will tell you your public facing IP. Please make sure this is on the same network that your phones uses. Then tell us this IP and we can check if you have been blocked.

Using IP Authentication to connect to our service limits the risk of these issues occurring as there are no credential details involved. Although we understand some customers prefer to use username and password authentication. In this scenario, please make sure you use the correct details and you enable the option (if available) to authenticate each outbound call (in the event your IP changes when you reboot your router, or change from mobile data network to wifi network for example).

If you have a query about our service or how to migrate from your current setup to us (it’s easier than you think) then open a support ticket.