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You will find setup guides, videos and more to help you use and get the most out of our service.

Guides under construction: These guides are still under construction and will be completed over the coming weeks

General Guides

Configuration Guides

    PBX Configurations

  • Setup VoIP Yonder with FreePBX (Registration and IP Based)
  • Setup VoIP Yonder with 3CX (Registration and IP Based)
    3CX Template (Registration) | 3CX Template (IP Authenticated)

  • IP Phone Configurations

  • Linksys SPA Series (941 etc.)
  • Gigaset Dect
  • Yealink Dect Phone (W52P)
  • Grandstream

  • Softphone Configurations

  • Zoiper

Disclaimer: Any information provided in the above guides is for general purpose only when using our service and your setup may require a different solution. These guides are not a complete guide. You should always consult a professional. Use of any of the solutions, methods or files are at your own risk. We take no responsibility of any kind for any mistakes, missing information, content or similar.

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