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Why VoIP Yonder?

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Please be aware of the following. We cannot accept you for an account if any of the following apply:

  • Located outside of the United Kingdom
  • Currently already have an account with us
  • Are wanting to use only for personal usage (i.e not in connection with trade or business)

In addition to the above, you must make active use of your numbers (at least 1 answered call per month) on each number you have. If you fail to do this, we reserve the right to remove the number (and close the account if you have no remaining numbers) without notice.

About VoIP Yonder

VoIP yonder is designed for the 21st Century VoIP aware small business wanting to take advantage of the latest technology to super charge their business communications without the extra cost of using a big legacy provider. Backed by the network of a large communications operator (Aloha and our impressive list of interconnects) we are small enough to be very flexible and build the perfect voice solution on a cost to fit all budgets while never sacrificing quality, reliability and stability.

Although we offer minimum phone support, we make up with this via superior email and ticket support. To deliver a service as high quality at this price point , its unpractical to offer phone support.