Porting in Numbers

When signing up with us, you have the option to port your number, to continue receiving calls on that number.

Prior to porting we HIGHLY recommend you fully test out our service to make sure you happy with us. While doing so, we can show your phone number on outbound calls (pending proof demonstrating ownership or rights to use that number).

Porting is based on your current and/or expected spend with us due to the administrative time involved.

Due to the nature of porting, we provide no guarantee or minimum level of service on ported numbers. If you would like to receive multiple concurrent calls on your number, then we will need to know ahead of time and provide no guarantee that ported numbers can receive concurrent calls unless agreed before hand.

On all ports, we require a signed letter of authority.

If you port a block over, you MUST NOT allocate this to other parties as if you port out, they will need to ported out in 1 block again.

If your main billing number is being ported, then there is a very strong chance that the line (including any services such as broadband, associated numbers etc.) may be terminated (depends on where the numbers are coming from).

Ported numbers are charged differently and not included in any addon taken out.

Accounts are prepaid and therefore the minimum term for a number needs to be paid in advance

If a number has been ported before, we may not be able to port it.

Please contact us for non-geographic porting.

To initiate a port, please open up a support ticket. Please provide the following information: Numbers to be ported, Range Holder, Current provider, Have the numbers been ported before?

Porting Costs:

Single Line - Geographic Porting

  • Single number on a line
  • Depending on parties involved, can be completed within 5 working days (guidance only)

Multi Line - Geographic Porting

  • multiple numbers on a line (e.g. ISDN)
  • Depending on parties involved, can be completed within 10-30 working days (guidance only)

Switching is easy. Contact us on 03303 500 100 for more information on how you could switch your services over and start saving upto 90%

If you have a query about our service or how to migrate from your current setup to us (it’s easier than you think) then open a support ticket.